Have your say at the 2012 Ibrahim Forum

31 Oct 12

On Sunday 11th November, the Mo Ibrahim Foundation will be hosting the 2012 Ibrahim Forum with the topics focusing on Youth Employment, Education and Civic Participation in Africa. We are going to be taking a Youth Delegation to participate in the Forum, and we are also calling for input from young people from across the continent to ensure that their perspectives and realities feed into this high-level discussion forum.

The Forum itself will be broadcast online with a ‘questions and comments’ facility, and this provides a fantastic opportunity for our Restless Alumni in Africa to feed their thoughts on the following core themes through to the panellists:

Education: What needs to be done to increase the competitiveness of African youth within the global market?

Employment and Economic Outlook: What will the global job demand look like, at world level and in Africa?  How will this impact on youth employment prospects? 

Youth Civic Participation: How committed are Africa’s youth to shaping the environment around them?  How committed are policy makers to listening to and including African youth in policy decisions?

Click for to visit the live webstream



To have your say on the key themes in the 2012 Ibrahim Forum, simply visit 2012.moibrahim.org on Sunday 11th November between 9am – 6pm to pose your questions to the panels.



Further information will be published online in the coming weeks at www.restlessdevelopment.org/2012-ibrahim-forum and www.moibrahimfoundation.org  

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