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25 Oct 12
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Our Youth Delegates for the 2012 Ibrahim

forum have now been chosen!

Mo Ibrahim (Centre) at the 2011 Ibrahim Forum in Tunisia

On Sunday 11th November, the Mo Ibrahim Foundation will be hosting the 2012 Ibrahim Forum with the topic focusing on Youth Employment, Education and Civic Participation in Africa. Restless Development – in collaboration with the Foundation – are going to be taking an energetic and highly-skilled group of Youth Delegates and Youth Communicators to attend and actively participate in the Forum. Our aim is to contribute to improved livelihood outcomes for young people in Africa by ensuring that their perspectives and realities feed into this high-level discussion forum.

We are very excited to say that we have now successfully recruited the 20-strong Youth Delegation from our extensive alumni network, friends and partners across Africa, and their training is now well under way!

Our 15 Youth Delegates and 5 Youth Communicators represent each corner of the continent (North, South, East and West) and have all come from a diverse range of life experiences in addition to social, economic and cultural backgrounds;

  • Youth Delegates:- will be participating as speakers in the audience during the thematic panel discussions and ‘Q&A’ as well as networking with high-level guests and meeting with Official Representatives from their country of origin who are attending the Forum
  • Youth Communicators: - will create or develop an online/offline youth community with their peers and community members at home and will be connecting to live and existing social media platforms.

The Forum itself will focus on three core themes to be discussed by a diversity of high-level panel members; covering key factors that pose a challenge to the economic and social development of Africa’s youth population;

Education: - African youth are better educated but have few employment prospects compared to their parents. On the continent, too many African young people are neither employed, nor studying, nor looking for a job. What needs to be done to increase the competitiveness of African youth within the global market?

Employment and Economic Outlook: - Africa has become an important player within the global economic system. Sub-Saharan Africa has higher growth prospects than the global average, Middle East & North Africa, Latin America and Europe. Meanwhile, demographic shifts, the western world’s financial crisis, and the development of technologies, are impacting the shape of the global job market. What will the global job demand look like, at world level and in Africa?  How will this impact on youth employment prospects? 

Youth Civic Participation: - The continental average age is 20 years old and the average age of African leaders is 62. Electoral absenteeism has been rising among African youth. How committed are Africa’s youth to shaping the environment around them?  How committed are policy makers to listening to and including African youth in policy decisions?

Over the next two weeks we will be sharing information and questions - via our social media networks - which will draw on these themes and the possible outcomes of this forum, so stay tuned for more information!

To find out more about our youth delegates and communicators visit our dedicated page to the forum here.

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