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03 Oct 12
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TIKAMBE Policy and Practice

Radio Series is a Success!


Tikambe, is a youth radio programme hosted by Restless Development on Radio Phoenix  in Zambia.  The programme has just concluded a 5 - week promtional series on a new National strategy for Financial Education. Throughout September the show focused on a policy or strategy every week relating to education, health and youth livelihoods as well as the Financial Education initiative and even featured ministerial guests each week, including representatives from the Financial Education Working Group and Ministry of Education, Science, Vocational Training and Early Education and the Curriculum Development Centre.

Radio Phoenix has  one of the  widest FM radio coverage along the line of rail, reaching four out of the ten provinces in Zambia with an excess of 643 kilometres. These provinces include part of Southern province through Lusaka, Central and Copperbelt provinces. Recent media surveys have put Radio Phoenix as the second radio station with the widest coverage after the national broadcasting station which covers the entire country. This position has made Radio Phoenix  with a listening audience of 75% of a 13.2 million plus population. In addition, the 5-week series provided a unique opportunity for young people to discuss key policies that effect their everyday lives with those who an influence in creating them. 

Below is a list of the polices and strategies that were discussed during the 5-week period; 

  • The Re-entry Policy for the Ministry of Education Science, Vocational Training and Early Education (MoESVTEE) : Focused on re-enrollment of school girls who fall pregnant. Moving forward, intensifying interventions on prevention of teenage pregnancies in schools and mitigating the impact of teenage pregnancy through the policies. 
  • The MoESVTEE HIV Policy: Focused on gaps regarding the policy as highlighted in the Restless Development (Zambia) Teacher AIDS Action Programme (TAAP) evaluation on how HIV and AIDS can be prioritised to support the educators. Additionally, the discussion shared the recently developed HIV and AIDS monitoring tool by the Chibombo District Guidance and Counselling Coordinator and the HIV and AIDS Good Practice Manual. 
  • The Education Act: Highlighted its provisions, operationalisation implementation framework and addressed gaps with regards to community schools. 
  • Anti-Gender Based Violence Act: Discussed the provisions of the act, intensifying it's implementation particularly at school and community level for young people, avenues of engagement with various stakeholders such as the media, churches, the Police and CSOs. 
  • National Strategy on Financial Education for Zambia: This is a very recently developed strategy, so focus was on the provisions of the strategy, implementation plan as well as scale up and sustainability of financial education in Zambia. 

Moving forward, position papers have been developed based on the discussions for each of the policies with  feedback from the public and Community Service Oroganisations. They will be disseminated through the local Zambian press soon. 

Tune in to TIKAMBE every Tuesday on Radio Phoenix  89.5FM  between 16:30 - 17:30. Audiences outside Zambia can tune in here


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