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02 Oct 12

Girl Hub: An innovative, girl-led approach to ending the cycle of intergenerational poverty


Have you ever heard of the Girl-Effect? No? Well, here's a summary of who they are in their own words;

"The girl effect is the unique potential of 250 million adolescent girls to end poverty for themselves and the world. It’s a ripple effect. With the right resources in place, she’llmarry and have children at a later age. She’ll be better educated, healthier and safer.With every benefit she gets, she passes it on to her brothers, sisters, family, community,village and country… and the next generation. This is the girl effect in action."

The Girl Hub is a collaboration between DFID and the Nike Foundation to catalyze the girl effect at scale. The London office opened in March 2010 and a year later offices were opened in Rwanda, Nigeria, and Ethiopia.

The collaboration ensures that each organisation has a significant role in achieving the aims of Girl Hub. For example, 'the Nike Foundation brings adolescent girl technical expertise and an innovative privatesector approach to insights-driven social communications and storytelling to drive powerful transformation. DFID brings the ability to deliver change at scale through resources, funding, relationships and a deep knowledge of development.'

Girl Hub has already achieved a significant amount already in each of the Girl Hub countries; 

  • Girl Hub London works closely with DFID to move global systems so they work better for girls, while creating powerful communications platforms to inspire and influence her and her community. Together with country programs and policy teams, they are strengthening and co-designing research, evidence and programs to have a bigger impact for adolescent girls.
  • Girl Hub Rwanda is producing a girl-led, girl-targeted magazine and radio program called Ni Nyampinga, and scaling the first program around financial literacy, social empowerment and education around sexual health designed for 10-12 year old girls.
  • Girl Hub Ethiopia is developing a social communications platform centered around a nation-wide girl radio drama series and is collaborating with the UK government toscale a successful pilot project to end child marriage for 220,000 girls
  • Girl Hub Nigeria is partnering with DFID to provide or create safe spaces for morethan 200,000 girls in northern Nigeria.

To continue its work in girl-led development, Restless Development is supporting Girl Hub to find a dynamic young female trustee to join their International Board. You can find more information about this oppportunity on our jobs page

Interested in finding out more about the Girl Effect and Girl Hub? Visit their webpage http://girleffect.org/media/


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