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17 Jul 12


aids conference

From 22- 27th July, five Restless Development delegates will be attending the International AIDS Conference taking place in Washington DC. It is the world’s most attended conference on HIV and AIDS, bringing together 20,000 delegates from all over the world including scientists, policy makers and community leaders.

At the conference there is a whole section dedicated to young people. In a dedicated ‘Global Village’ young people will put on performances and hold discussions.  Youth Programme events will work on connecting individuals and groups from around the world, building a common ground and common interest which – fingers crossed – keeps groups active once the conference finishes. There will be a pre-conference event just for youth and an advocacy campaign that will help young people to learn how to mobilise and how to share what they know with others.

Five Restless Delegates are now in Washington preparing for the world’s most attended conference on HIV/AIDS. Throughout the conference the Restless Delegates will be playing and active role, focussing on 3 key objectives of Participation, Activism and Representation. They will all be blogging about their experiences so keep an eye out for updates. On 24th July there’s going to be a mass ‘We can end AIDS’ Action, which is set to be the largest AIDS mobilisation in history!

For  further information on the Conference and a brief introduction to the Restless Delegates click here.  Whilst it might not be possible to travel all the way to the USA, you can still follow the conference and contribute to the discussions via Facebook – search ‘AIDS 2012 – XIX International Aids Conference’, or by following on Twitter @aids2012 or at their dedicated youth Twitter feed @youthaids2012.

For more information on the Youth Programme, the Global Village or the conference in general go to www.aids2012.org. We will be closely following activities at AIDS 2012 so keep an eye on Restless Development social media updates during the conference. This project is supported by the European Commission.

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