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11 Jun 12

The post-MDG debate

Young people have their say

It’s now less than 1,000 days until the beginning of 2015. This significant because it marks the deadline for achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). 

What are the MDGs?

They’re 8 international development goals agreed on by world leaders aimed at tackling extreme poverty. Although we’ve made important steps towards achieving these goals, we still have a long way to go! On top of this, with MDG deadline looming, we need to start thinking about what will happen beyond 2015. 

We want young people to have their say!

With half of the world’s population under 25, Restless Development believe it’s vital that the voices of young people (like you) are included in what happens beyond 2015. 

So, what have YOU been saying?

What do you believe are the biggest problems facing the world today? What issues do you think we should be focusing on in the efforts to tackle extreme poverty?  

In May 2012, 163 young people aged 15-24 from 45 different countries filled out an online survey to tell us their thoughts, and here’s what we found:

• Young people have a fair understanding of the MDGs.50.3% of participants felt they knew quite a lot about the MDGs and 58.8% of the participants were aware discussions were happening around the post-MDG agenda. 

• An overwhelming majority of young people (86.9%) felt they have a role to play in shaping future global development priorities, but 79.1% of participants were not aware of any resources on the post MDG-debate that specifically target young people.

• The majority of young people would like to feed into post-MDG debates by taking part in workshops, talking directly to policy makers and joining local campaigning groups.

• The majority of participants would like to find out more about the post-MDG debate from youth-led orgs (like us), experts or other young people.

• Young people put location, not knowing who to talk to about these issues and not feeling their opinions would be valued as key barriers to being more involved in international development issues.

• 94.5% of participants would like to take part in an interactive workshop on what young people think should happen when the MDGs reach their deadline in 2015. 

‘Young people are the generation of the future and therefore should be properly informed and involved with global development priorities’.

(Survey participant aged 24 from Moldova).

‘We as young people are full of energy, ideas, and living the world problems in every minute, and because we make up more than 50% of world’s population, we deserve to be part of this.’

(Survey participant aged 23 from Syria).

‘I am a product of the MDG generation. The MDGs have been a part of my 'coming of age’; I therefore strongly believe that my generation need a seat at the discussion table if the post-MDG agenda is to be sustainable.’

(Survey participant aged 23 from the UK).

Don’t worry it’s not too late to have your say….This survey is just the start. Restless Development is working with our partners, including other youth-led organisations globally, to put the voices of young people at the forefront of the post-MDG debate. To find hear about what’s coming up and ways you can get involved make sure to email Victoria to find out more victoria@restlessdevelopment.orgIn the meantime, if you want to find out more about the post-MDG debate visit http://www.beyond2015.org/

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