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23 Apr 12

there are 3 billion young people globally


We believe that young people need to be engaged as leaders to bring about sustainable development for the overcoming of poverty and also for social, economic, cultural and political inclusion. One of our major goal areas is Civic Participation, enabling young people to be actively involved in decision making processes.

Last month in Nairobi there was a four day meeting entitled ‘Youth 21- Building for Change’ which brought together over 250 governments, UN agencies, researchers, private sector and civil society. This was the first meeting of its kind, and was co-organised by UN Habitat and UNDP. The outcome of this meeting was the Nairobi Statement, which, as well as praising UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon on his commitment to youth, suggested the further action of establishing the UN Permanent Forum on Youth, which would represent youth organisations globally. This meeting and the corresponding statement looks to be an exciting step forward in engaging youth globally and enabling young voices to be heard.

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