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20 Apr 12

promoting young writers

‘Young people dare. Some are inspired by career opportunities, some by an unquenchable thirst for change. Others dare for the mere desire to pursue a life out of the ordinary. Young people thrive on innovative ideas, growth and development. They look for opportunities, adapt easily and are committed to fulfilling their dreams.’

 This is why ThinkYoung, a Brussels-based think-tank, is concerned with young Europeans. They aim at mobilising young Europeans into reflecting upon their future, believing in their potential and showing the results to political, business and social actors.

 Restless Development has formed a partnership with Think Young in order for young writers to share their experiences of international development. Restless Development is the first organization to be part of the Writing Team project. Regular collaborators will publish their articles both in ThinkYoung’s website as well as on various media platforms read by MEPs, think tanks and fellow young Europeans. The goal is to portray the thoughts of the younger generations, getting articles from all countries and backgrounds making young voices heard.

 The first article has been writer by Will Stringer, who was involved in the dance4life project as well as being a Global Poverty Ambassador. He is also going to be heading out to volunteer in Nepal with the International Citizen Service programme later this year.

 Read his article, published on Vita Europe, here: http://www.vita.it/news/view/119827

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