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21 Mar 12
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Restless Development Alumni build capacity of the Ministry of Youth and Sports

Youth officers from the Ministry of Youth and Sports receive training in Moyamba



The Ministry of Youth and Sports in Sierra Leone aims to understand how youth are impacted by Non-Governmental Organisations and Civil Society Organisations’ initiatives across the country to identify best practice and deploy resources as effectively as possible. However, the Ministry’s limited capacity for monitoring and evaluation posed a serious challenge in terms of data collection and analysis. The Ministry approached Restless Development to help them address the following key challenges:

-Coordination of the management of several different projects implemented by the Ministry in a central system

-The need for a national database of youth organisations

-Absence of a system to facilitate decision-making informed by data from the field, and lack of feedback systems for learning to be used to improve programmes

-Lack of capacity in the Ministry to implement monitoring and evaluation systems effectively 






Restless Development initiated an internship programme through which former Volunteer Peer Educators were trained and placed in Bo, Makeni, Kenema and Freetown district offices of the Ministry of Youth and Sports for periods of six months. These alumni provided ongoing training and mentoring to Ministry officers on establishing and implementing effective monitoring and evaluation and database management systems.

19 youth officers were trained on the database and monitoring and evaluation systems, drawn from 13 district Ministry of Youth and Sports Offices. 



As a result of Restless Development’s initiative, youth officers from the four districts are now submitting monthly progress reports to the Director of Youth in Freetown. There is also a regular flow of official communication between local and head offices. Decision-making at district and head office level is now informed by data generated through the new monitoring and evaluation systems.

A comprehensive database of youth initiatives has been established in each of the four districts where Restless Development placements worked, listing all youth serving agencies, community groups and organisations. Agencies such as UNFPA, UNDP, Sierra Leone Association of Non-Governmental Agencies (SLANGO) and Sierra Leone Adolescence Youth Network (SLAYN) are using the database to identify youth groups and make sure that they are coordinating youth initiatives effectively.

The internships placements will be replicated in other Ministry of Youth and Sport district offices during the next quarter, and the database scaled up to new areas. 

“For the first time in a long period I received both a narrative and financial report from the Ministry of Youth and Sport district office in Moyamba.”

Mr Charles Moinina, Director for Youth, Ministry of Youth and Sports 




Contact: Thea Lacey, Restless Development in Sierra Leone

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