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21 Nov 11
India International

December 1 is World AIDS Day, 30 years after the first case was identified. In that time 30 million people have died as a result of AIDS. But, as this short film shows, incredible advances in science made this year mean that for the first time we can speak credibly about bringing an end to AIDS.


Your help is needed to make sure that our leaders grasp this chance. Ask David Cameron to declare his commitment to bringing an end to AIDS.


The results of a huge clinical trial published in May prove that if people living with HIV receive anti-retroviral (ARV) treatment, it prevents the spread of the virus to their partner. It is an incredible 96% effective! 


ARVs are already keeping nearly 7 million people with HIV alive and healthy around the world. There are still 9 million awaiting this life-saving medication. By getting those people on to treatment sooner we'll be saving their lives and helping to stop the spread of HIV. Watch our film from South Africa to find out more about the impact of the trial.


This ground breaking evidence gives us a fantastic new tool to fight the epidemic. When coupled with a combination of other effective prevention, treatment and care efforts which we know work, it can be even more effective. A study published this year shows that a modest short-term increase in funding and a focus on the most at risk groups could save 12 million lives and result in a steady decline in the epidemic by 2020.


Earlier this month Hillary Clinton committed the creating of an AIDS-free generation. We need you to become one of thousands of voices calling on the Prime Minister to grasp this opportunity to lead the world in bringing an end to AIDS. 

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