15 communities in Tanzania benefit from our

17 Oct 11

An academic paper evaluating the work that we have done in Zambian schools during 2008/09 has been published on the Oxford Journals' Health Education Research website. The article is centred around the effects our Volunteer Placement Educators (VPEs) programme has on students' HIV and sexual and reproductive health knowledge, which methods have been most successful in educating the students, how the results compare to students who were not in such programmes and the costs of the methods and the program as a whole.


The results showed that students who had been part of Restless Development's programme had a significantly higher understanding of HIV/AIDs and sexual and reproductive health, and were also more confident when talking through these issues. It was also revealed that those who had experienced the programme had more positive attitudes to those living with HIV/AIDs and self-efficacy to refuse unwanted sex and also to seek out condoms.


The work was carried out in partnership with the FHI, a global development organisation with rigorous evidence-based approach to solving the issues it is engaged in. 


The rest of the article can be found here.

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