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07 Oct 11

BBC3 is launching a new show geared towards helping young people get into employment. Unemployment stands at a record 20% in the UK and the programme, 'Up for Hire', is attempting to solve one of the biggest issues facing young people in the UK today.


In recent times it has rarely been harder for young people to get into employment and 'Up for Hire' is trying a radical way of getting the youth of the UK into the working world. There are 23 entry level positions at some of the countries best known brands up for grabs and the candidates will have to prove that they can cope in the professional world and complete tasks successfully.


The show will also follow four young people as they embark on exciting and unique work placements. The show will look at whether they can cope with the demands and what, if anything, they will learn from their experiences.


'Up for Hire Live' will also be kicking off on 17th October at 9pm and will be hosted by Richard Bacon and Tina Daheley with Scott Mills getting involved on Radio 1. They will be talking to celebrities and industry experts to provide some great professional tips.


For more information click here. If you wish to be a member of the audience can you contact dan.smith@loveproductions.co.uk.

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