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05 Sep 11


On HIV and AIDS awareness raising and impact.

In partnership with Irish Aid.

 Best Practice Guide



This manual is the outcome of a youth-led project by Restless Development in Zambia (supported by Irish AID) to identify, document and highlight
Civil Society anti-HIV and AIDS initiatives that have had proven awareness raising and programmatic impact in the education sector in Zambia.
The manual has been devised and based upon the Southern African Development Community (SADC) HIV framework of seven best practice
criteria, which include: Ethical Soundness; Effectiveness; Innovation; Relevance; Cost-effectiveness; Replicability and Sustainability. These
criteria were used to assess and validate different elements of the various HIV and AIDS initiatives from diverse organisations categorized by
the following themes: Peer Education; Sport; Capacity Building (Care and Support and OVC); Gender (Life Skills and Livelihoods) and Information
Education Materials.
This manual captures good practices from various organisations and is organised under themes depicting the different works being done in
line with the recognized SADC criteria. This manual will work as a reference guide for policy makers and a starting ground for CSOs in terms
of checking where they are, and are not, hitting the SADC good practice criteria.

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