First Multi-Stakeholder Workshop

15 Aug 11

Last month, 126 young Sierra Leoneans were awarded certificates after completing 8 months with Restless Development as Volunteer Peer Educators (VPEs). During their time the VPEs  worked in remote and vulnerable rural communities providing informal education to youth in the community on sexual and reproductive health issues such as teenage pregnancy, HIV and family planning. Parents and partner organisations also attended the ceremony which was held at the national stadium in Freetown.

The guest speaker Anthony Koroma, Commissioner of the National Youth Commission, applauded Restless Development’s work saying,

“I was part of the team that did the scoping study for Restless Development {then Student Partnership Worldwide}. I am confident to say I am impressed with the growth and contribution of the organization to national development.”  

There are now over 600 graduates of the VPE programme and Restless Development is continuing to work with them to support their transition into employment and provide the now alumni with opportunities for engaging more in civic and political life through the Youth Leadership and Advocacy Programme. 

Volunteer Certificate    Volunteers and Restless Development staff
Cathrin, our CD with a volunteer Volunteers and Restless Development staff

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