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13 Jul 11

Restless Development’s International Intern David Bayo from Sierra Leone spoke powerfully to an audience of nearly 500 sixth formers, as they came together for the Global Student Forum 2011 in London. The aim of the conference, sponsored by DFID, was to empower these students to take action to tackle the issue of maternal mortality.

During his speech, David called the crowd to action, saying “It is also your responsibility as students to find innovative ways of making high maternal mortality in the world a history. Don’t say I am small. There is power and strength in your voices to push your government, who will in turn compel the countries they are funding to pay more attention to the issues of maternal mortality.”

Alongside David’s participation, Restless Developments Youth Engagement Team ran an interactive workshop on peer education, helping the students understand how to raise awareness and meet the GSF challenge of sharing their learning with 1000 of their classmates and friends in the UK. The workshop was led by Frankie Newbould, one of the peer educators trained by the dance4life programme.

Interactive Workshop 
One of the students attending the conference said afterwards “I learned that maternal mortality is a serious, devastating issue that needs action NOW! It’s not brought to the attention of the public enough, and can’t continue to be sidelined.”


**The Global Student Forum 2011, DYING FOR LIFE: Save the mothers, save the world, took place on 28th June 2011 in Westminster, London. To find out more visit

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