Alumni Network Launched

31 May 11

Restless Development is growing. But as the size of our agency increases, we want to multiply our impact whilst ensuring that it’s not at the cost of efficiency. So, to keep lean and mean, we will focus our efforts on 5 approaches.

Our goals haven’t changed.

Our commitment to working for and through young people is undiminished.

Our belief in the indisputably positive power of young people is unflinching.

Our conviction that young people can and should lead development is immovable.

But by defining these 5 approaches we are setting out exactly how we are going to achieve our ambitious targets over the next 5 years.

Working directly with young people is the foundation for everything we do. Over the next 5 years we will provide structured programmes and interventions for over a million young people, improving their civic participation, livelihoods and sexual health.

We know that long-term, systemic change requires better leadership. The young people we recruit, train and support are defined by a spirit and drive that makes them natural leaders. Over the next 5 years we’ll produce another 6,000 young leaders, bringing our total global alumni to 22,000.

There are 3 billion young people in the world. We know we can’t possibly reach them all on our own. There are many other organisations out there that share our views on young people. We want to make sure that we work together and coordinate our efforts to achieve an exponential impact. By 2015, we will provide technical training and ongoing support to 250 youth-led and youth-serving organisations.

We know we can help an individual change behaviour in a positive way. But if we want progress, that change has to last in the long-run and impact everyone. We will get governments and policy-makers committed to creating an environment that recognises and supports the active role of young people in society.

We’re always on the ground, applying new thinking, different tactics and experiencing at first-hand how effective youth-led development models are, and how we need to improve them. Over the next 5 years we will publish comprehensive research, tools and resources on youth-led development for use by governments, civil society organisations and international aid agencies. 


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We are the Youth Collective. If you believe in the power of young people, join our movement.