Alumni Network Launched

27 Mar 11

Through our 25 years of youth-led development we have engaged around 16,000 young people globally. Our alumni are former national and international volunteers, interns and staff, trustees and advocates who have been involved in our activities and who share our youth-led values. With these values driving them, they have gone on to work in private companies, national governments, international organisations and charities. They are a Generation of Leaders who incarnate our principles and spread youth-led values across the world.

Restless Development has launched a pioneering online network that connects former national and overseas volunteers, interns, staff and supporters worldwide. The network, a platform for professional and personal development, provides all those connected with Restless Development a unique opportunity to get to know each other's stories and access one another's career advice and support.

Based on a series of professional interviews and an online networking site designed just for us, the Alumni Network is a fantastic way for Restless Development supporters worldwide to stay connected and make the most of the Alumni community.

Join the Alumni Network today - and start getting connected with the Restless Development family worldwide!

But this is just the beginning. In the next five years we will commit to support this Generation of Leaders, providing tangible support to personal and professional development.  Whether you work in development or not, whether you were involved with us in 1985 or in 2010, wherever you're based in the world we want you to be part of our global connected network.


Alumni Network screenshot


We are the Youth Collective. If you believe in the power of young people, join our movement.