Capacity Building Workshops October 2010

12 Oct 10


The 18th October will spark into action a week of workshops run by Restless Development, sharing our expertise in capacity building and development. 

The training days will be spent working with individuals from youth-led organisations who are directly supported by MTV’s Staying Alive Foundation, due to their efforts in development worldwide. Participants will travel to London from India, Pakistan, Russia, Poland, Egypt, Bangladesh and Macedonia.


We have supported MTV’s Staying Alive Foundation in their efforts to train youth-led organisations in 32 countries across the globe since October 2009. This is the second set of workshops which will run and we are inspired by our dedicated team of facilitators in youth-led development.

SAf training Tanzania

MTV's Staying Alive Foundation workshop in Tanzania 2009


The team will work with MTV’s Staying Alive Foundation on developing key skills to support the participants in their capacity to run their organisations effectively back in their home communities.

 The Restless Development team is made up of our staff from different country offices worldwide. Manish, coming from India and Bevis from Zambia will train on monitoring and evaluation skills, whilst Laina from Sierra Leone and Narayan from Nepal will focus on organisational strategy. Kate from the London office with Perpetua, Zimbabwe will facilitate the finance management sessions whilst Nicola and Charlie, from the UK office will focus on fundraising skills. The Staying Alive Foundation staff will deliver training on the media and marketing sessions.

 They will be working with David and Ellie B from the London office and will be with us in the capital until 26th October. 


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