Ugandan National Youth Consultation 2010

05 Jul 10

Ugandan National Youth Consultation, August 11-12, 2010

On August 11th, 45 young leaders from rural communities and youth-serving organisations across Uganda will come together for a two-day workshop in Kampala to make decisions about their country’s future.

With the UN’s International Year of Youth as the overarching theme, the youth consultants participating will look at how to achieve the Millennium Development Goals through localised approaches, building on the National Development Plan. Together with 10 high-level decision makers from government, donor agencies and civil society, they will devise actions to enable unified progress in Uganda’s development.

The UN’s International Year of Youth is about advancing the full and effective participation of youth in all aspects of society and development, encouraging dialogue and understanding across generations.

This national youth consultation will be led by Restless Development, the youth-led development agency. Our expertise in working with and for young people gives us substantial credibility. We have proved that we can successfully promote youth citizenship amongst decision-makers from local and national government, donor agencies and civil society; in line with the objectives of the UN’s International Year of the Youth.

The workshop will be held in collaboration with the National Planning Authority, the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development and the UK Department for International Development (DFID). 

“Without [Restless Development]... young people would have been excluded from the National Planning Process”

Andrew Othieno, National Planning Authority

This initiative follows-on from a similar collaborative national youth consultation coordinated by Restless Development in 2009, feeding into the initial drafts of the new Ugandan National Development Plan.

The key findings from this 2010 National Youth Consultation will be published and shared at the World Youth Conference 2010 in Mexico, and at the Millennium Development Goals Summit 2010 in New York. They will also be distributed to heads of key ministries and development partners in Uganda. And at a regional level, our youth consultants will use the training in leadership and communication to lead debrief workshops within their respective organisations and communities.

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