Launch of groundbreaking Youth Participation Guidelines for Donors and Policy Makers

05 Jul 10

Launch of groundbreaking Youth Participation Guidelines for Donors and Policy Makers

Restless Development has just launched the Youth Participation Guidelines for Donors and Policy Makers. The launch event was held at the headquarters of the UK Department for International Development (DFID), with the Secretary of State for DFID using the introductory speech to highlight DFID’s commitment to using the guide to engage with young people to achieve the Millennium Development Goals.  

The Guide is available in hard and soft copy, and as an online resource through the website, which allows each visitor to search for tools and case studies by a wide variety of topics. Everything referenced in the Guide is based on successful practices already tested by a wide range of institutions including: USAID, DFID, the World Bank, UNFPA, UNICEF and other international aid agencies.  It has been designed to make it as easy as possible for donors and policy makers to access resources which will support effective policy and programming with and for youth.

It is crucial that we engage the young decision makers of tomorrow in the development decisions of today. We hope that the Youth Participation Guide will contribute to this goal… The Youth Participation Guide aims to help build and harness young people as assets. It has been developed through an innovative process led by young people, which itself has reinforced their capacity to participate and lead.”

Nemat (Minouche) Shafik, Permanent Secretary, DFID

This collaborative project was developed over 18 months by the DFID-CSO Youth Working Group, with more than 50 civil society organizations contributing, including UNICEF, the Commonwealth Youth Exchange Council, Save the Children UK, Plan International, International Alert, Peace Child and the British Youth Council.

The project also included a 10 month pilot phase in Uganda and Nepal, involving Sharing and Learning Networks bringing together civil society, government and donor partners to agree common priorities with and for youth at a national level, and collaborative strategies for taking practical action to move forward. The entire pilot process is documented in the Appendix to the Guide to make it easy for groups in other countries to replicate the successful model.

Young people and young professionals brought their unique insight to the process in their capacity as guide researchers and workshop coordinators, as well as project committee members and members of the publication review group. 

The publication of the Guide provides a foundation to build on, and Restless Development will be continuing to work with civil society, government and donor agency partners to put these effective methods in practice.

Find out more about the Youth Participation Guidelines for Donors and Policy Makers.

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