Restless Development Nepal has been working with young people in 45 of the 71 administrative districts of Nepal since 1991. 78 staff support 210 Volunteers to deliver 8 programmes with a focus on the sexual rights of girls and women, humanitarian mobilisation, and working with Lesbian Gay Bi-sexual Transgender Intersex Questioning (LGBTIQ) individuals and organisations.

Our view on Living Rights

Through the HAMSA programme, Restless Development Nepal is working with UNICEF and has engaged 174,591 young people and adolescents through delivery of a holistic training package responding to youth priorities in Living, Sexual Rights, and Youth Voice. A pool of Restless Development-trained master trainers has now been mobilised to deliver a social and financial skills training package - Rupantaran - across 6 districts in Nepal. The Rupantaran curriculum is used by the Nepalese government, UNICEF implementing partners and local and international NGOs across Nepal, maximising the scale of the transformative change the hub is bringing about.

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Youth Junction for Transformation is a joint collaboration of Restless Development Nepal and Read Nepal. The project integrates youth empowerment programming with community libraries established in rural areas of Nepal.

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Our view on Sexual Rights

Through funding from the UN Trust Fund, Restless Development Nepal is working with communities in 4 districts across the mid- and far-west regions of Nepal to counter the traditional practice of chhaupadi, the exclusion of women from society and enforced banishment from home to animal sheds during menstruation. They are ensuring that women and girls have access to better nutrition, social support and education during menstruation, whilst increasing awareness and support for the abolition of chhaupadi among community leaders, empowering young people; and strengthening local organisations and government to take action on chhaupadi. Over 43,000 girls and women are expected to benefit. Hub efforts to persuade local-level decision-makers to combat chhaupadi has so far managed to commit 82% of community leaders and 93% of the traditional healers engaged to working to end all forms of discrimination.

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Our view on Sexual Rights Chhaupadi

Save the Date project aims to reduce child marriage, and to spread awareness on sexual and reproductive health rights and gender inequality. This project targets both the young people and the adults to make an impact on the young people. The programme is implemented through dance4life’s innovative model of providing sex education in schools, using music and dance to involve and inspire young people.

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The Zero Tolerance programme is a collaborative effort between USAID, UNICEF and Restless Development, which aims to reduce the prevalence of school related Gender based violence activities in Nepal, and establish child and adolescent-friendly procedures to respond to incidents of GBV when they occur.

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Our view on Vocal Rights

In ten districts across Nepal, our UNICEF funded SAMBHAV programme supports young girls and boys from marginalised communities to identify strategies to take action in their priority areas, convening via platforms and collaborating to counter harmful social norms and practices especially in relations to their sexual health. In the central western region, the Hub is building coalitions of more than 40 local and national youth partners, opening up spaces for youth to participate in decision making spaces in a meaningful way and focusing on joint adult / youth accountability initiatives.

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The major focus of the Youth Participation in Development Process programme is to strengthen local and national youth networks and to increase youth engagement in the national process for sustainable development. This program emphasizes on achieving sustainable, positive youth outcomes in health including reproductive health and rights, education, civic and economic empowerment.

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Through YSSP, Restless Development works closely with the Ministry of Youth and Sports (MoYS) to take off Model Youth Information Centers in 5 regions of Nepal. The project intends to strengthen the capacity of both the Ministry of Youth and Sports, and other youth focused organizations in Nepal. The close association ensures National Youth Policy into practice, by encouraging other organizations to do the same.

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Our view on Leadership Rights 

Following the 2015 Nepal earthquake, Restless Development engaged with youth across the country in the rebuilding of their communities. A total of 512 semi-permanent Temporary Learning Centers (TLCs) were constructed and which subsequently became the heart of communities’ response to the humanitarian effort. Many of these centres remain and are supported by young people to continue to provide a safe learning environment and where different community actors can come together to discuss the continued re-building of Nepal.

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