Nepal Earthquake: One Year On

A mosaic of images of Restless Development's response to the Nepal earthquake. Including handing out emergency aid, building Temporary Learning Centres and giving children access to basic education and hygiene facilities


On the 25th April 2015, a magnitude 7.8Mw earthquake struck Nepal. Over 8,000 people were killed, with a further 21,000 injured. Altogether, it is estimated that up to 8 million people have been directly affected by the disaster.

In the immediate aftermath, and the year since, Restless Development's youth-led response has included:

Infographic of Restless Development's response to the Nepal earthquake in 2015


As of March 2016, we are now working in 10 districts, having just started a new partnership with UNICEF focussing on access to basic education. This partnership will see 120,000 students given increased access to basic education, and includes training for 5,750 peer educators, 1,600 teachers and 100 District Education Resource Persons.


We are also continuing the construction of new Temporary Learning Centres (TLCs) to ensure children in the worst-hit areas are able to access a safe space in which to continue their education, receive psychosocial care and socialise with one another. We expect 500 TLCs to be built in total, across 7 districts.

To find out about our response to the Nepal earthquake, READ our latest newsletter here.


(Video released in June 2015)

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