Join us in demanding that leaders don’t duck their responsibilities to secure the finance and resource for sustainable change at the Financing for Development summit!

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What is Financing for Development?
Words alone will not make the commitments made in 2015 a reality. We need money and political will to deliver. The third Financing for Development Conference is a crucial summit taking place in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. This conference is a critical step on the journey to ensuring we make huge progress on poverty, inequality and climate change in 2015.

How leaders can Finance Our Future
Justine Greening, Secretary of State for International Development, is attending the Financing for Development summit - what is it that we want the UK government to do?

● Keep the Aid promise: It’s great that the UK is keeping it’s promise to spend 0.7% on aid. Now the UK Government must push others to keep their promise and step up to aid commitments.
● Make Tax Fair: Billions could be raised to fight poverty in developing countries through tackling tax dodging by large companies. We must ensure the richest, including multinational businesses, pay their fair share. Financing for Development is a chance to put in place a fairer tax system and encourage governments to work responsibly with the private sector for the benefit of the public.
● Transparency: Aid efforts and tax systems need to be transparent. Only then can we unlock people power for holding our leaders to account and make sure that the world’s poorest can take control over their own development.

Finance our Future


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