A world where young people build resilient and sustainable communities, where the agency of young people and communities is at the heart of both preventing and solving arising challenges and emergencies.

A new paradigm for development is emerging driven by a peak youth generation – today there are 1.8 billion young people in the world; more than there ever has been, or will be again. Tanzania has been experiencing unprecedented growth of its youth demographic, which today makes up almost two-thirds (66%) of the total population. Peak Youth is not just numbers, it is the emergence of a more inter-connected generation of young people who are less and less willing, or indeed needing, to wait for and depend on aid or governments to deliver change.

We propose a different approach to development, transferring power and responsibility into the hands of young people and communities who can achieve a real, lasting impact, whether it’s responding to challenges such as lack of access to quality education, building sustainable livelihoods and economic security, or long-term HIV prevention. We are committed to unleashing this Youth Power across Tanzania and the globe; a new approach to development, led by a new generation able to find solutions to those issues most important to them and drive success on the global goals.

In 2015, Eva, a girl from a village in rural Tanzania mobilized her peers and together they wrote a letter to their government to ask for clean water and safe toilets for their school. In the meantime, Eva also wrote to the US President Barack Obama. She not only heard back, but he directed the last 5 minutes of his speech at the UN launch of the sustainable development goals to her. With this traction Eva launched the ‘Stand With Eva’ petition, which attracted 150,000 signatures from around the world, including that of the Tanzanian Minister of Water and Irrigation. Through the campaign Eva and her network were able to access government and facilitate dialogues on a local and national level. Through evidence based advocacy, Eva ensured that her leaders kept their promises of the global goals and helped her community access clean water. Now, just over a year since Eva launched her campaign, a new water tap has been installed near her school. Read more about how this incredible news shows the power of one young leader’s vision to change her community.


We are the Youth Collective. If you believe in the power of young people, join our movement.