Take action this International Youth Day!

Join the 1.8 Billion. We're just getting started.

Want to join the 1.8 billion young people all over the world who are holding their leaders to account? Stand with them today by representing your country in our Youth Power photo chain. Simply follow the steps below to send us your photo!

Step 1: Find a friend to take your photo.

Step 2: Make sure we can see your whole body (head to toe!)

Step 3: Is there clear space all around you? If not, ask your friend to step back until there is.

Step 4: Do The Youth Power Pose. Hand on hips, looking powerful!

Step 5: Send us your best photo on Facebook, Twitter or email it to us at comms@restlessdevelopment.org

And we'll add you to our ever-growing chain of Youth Power!

Our Youth Power chain so far

Already sent us your photo? Then download and share one of the following images and messages to let your friends know you're 1 of the 1.8 billion!
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'I'm 1 of the 1.8 billion, are you? #YouthPower #YouthDay' (Photo 1)

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'We are 1.8 Billion Strong. #YouthPower #YouthDay' (Photo 3)

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