About Us

We have been engaging young people to address the most urgent issues they face in India - governance, livelihoods and health. Legally registered as Student’s Partnership Worldwide India Project Trust, we have been working in India since 1985. Currently we operate in 5 states - Tamil Nadu, Odisha, Bihar, Jharkhand and Rajasthan.

Our Programmes

United Action for Child Marriage

Restless Development India with Dance4life, has initiated a one year programme on child marriage in Bihar, Jharkhand and Odisha focusing on in-school and out-of-school youths. As part of this programme, we are working with stakeholders, parents, Panchayat Leaders and Teachers, to raise awareness against child marriage and to deter families from following this practice.

Making Periods Normal

Restless Development is the implementing partner of the project named ‘Making Periods Normal’, funded by Rutgers WPF. The programme is being implemented in the Munger and Bhagalpur district of Bihar, from 2014 to 2017. The target groups of this programme are women, out-of-school and in-school youth, men and stakeholders like ASHA, Aganwadi, community leaders etc. The programme focuses on promoting knowledge among girls and women on puberty, menstrual health and sexual and reproductive health and also to create conducive environment for them by engaging stakeholders.

Educate Girls- Rajasthan

In Jalore and Ahore districts of Rajasthan, we have partnered with SPECTRA to work on the problems faced by young girls to continue their education. These districts are among the worst performing in terms of retention of girls students in school and suffer high girl drop-out rates.

The primary target groups are in-school and out-of-school youths aged 15-25 years. Secondary groups consist of school management committee members, parents, community leaders and teachers. We have followed a holistic approach by focusing on retention of girls in schools and also dealing with issues related to sexual and reproductive health, gender bias, early marriage, child rights, life skills and government schemes. We not only involved youths, but also teachers, parents, community leaders and school management committee members, so that they can provide safe and productive environment for girls.

Make Girls Leaders - Action India

Restless Development India has recently started a one year programme with Action India on making girls leaders in Delhi slums. This programme specifically focuses on in school and out of school youths aged 14-28 years and secondary group consisting stakeholders – parents, teachers and community members. The programme focus is on gender based violence in the slums, providing women with life skills so that they can be seen as leaders rather than victims of domestic and community violence.

Youth Development and Leadership Programme (YDLP)

In this programme we aim at developing the potential of young people as change makers in their communities. We tend to achieve this by inspiring young people through heart connection tour, sports and skill training followed by classroom lesson delivery and peer advice. For out of school youth we form groups and run meetings to build their capacity to take lead role in addressing issues pertaining to them or their communities.

Youth Resource Centre (YRC)

Reaching over 1,000 young people and 2,000 community members each year, Youth Resource Centres are ‘community network point’ bringing information and services to the doorstep of youth in India. The Youth Resource Centres focus on empowering young people to lead healthy lives, access employment and training opportunities, and become active citizens in government policy and decision making processes.

Youth Livelihood Programme (YLP)

We facilitate livelihood enhancement action plan for young people to get meaningful and gainful employment /business. We start from mapping young people and their resources then network and build relationship with other organizations to provide required assistance. We also work with young people individually to track their progress and advice / help them accordingly.

Youth Speak

In Youth Speak we help our alumni in building their capacity so that they may take leadership role in addressing the most urgent issues facing their countries and the world, supported fully by their government, communities, businesses and civil societies.


Restless Development is partnering with dance4life to organize a nationwide campaign against child marriage, called KNOT SO YOUNG. The campaign will also be supported by on ground activities in Orissa, Bihar, Jharkhand, Delhi and Tamil Nadu. The campaign will involve youth to increase awareness about child marriage, its negative impact, and its legal implications and take active action to prevent early and forced marriages in their immediate surroundings.

The aim of the campaign is to increase awareness on the impact of child marriage, reduce its incidence and progressively eliminate the social practice, through active participation of youth. The campaign will also aim to garner support from rural and urban youth and other members from different sections of the society to build pressure for stringent action against this practice. Click here to read more.


Action Beyond Borders (ABB) is an ‘Indo-Nepal initiative’ taken up by Restless Development India and Nepal, in collaboration with researchers at Macquarie University, Australia. The project entails research which is being conducted in the villages of Parsa in Nepal and East Champaran (Bihar) in India, which share an international border. The aim of the research, which started in September 2014, is to address issues and problems which are faced across the international border in these areas. Read more.

Shaping Policy and Practice

  • We are member of the Technical Advisory Group of the Department of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India to develop the Adolescent Health Strategy.
  • We are a technical agency for Department of Health, Medical Education & Family Welfare and Government of Jharkhand for the upcoming National Urban Health Mission.
  • We were one of the Youth Conveners of the Post 2015 Millennium Development Goals processes in India led by UN and European Commission – running youth consultations and co-wrote the National Youth report. We also participated at the high level panel meeting held in Bali, 2013 and the Open Working Group meeting at New York, 2014.
  • We are a lead Member of National Youth Alliance, a network of youth led agencies by the Ministry and supported and significantly contributed in reviewing the National Youth Policy.
  • We are a technical agency to Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development, Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India to pilot the establishment and implementation of Youth Resource Centres in 8 locations in 4 states of India as part of the National Youth Policy.
  • We were a lead agency to advocate for inclusion of Comprehensive Sexuality Education with its list of issues pertaining to adolescent and youth’s sexual and reproductive health and rights, with emphasis on human rights and a holistic approach in Asia-Pacific Population Conference, 2013.
  • Four of Our Youth Leaders from Youth Councils shared their life-stories in Asia Youth Leaders’ Summit.

project design information is available on request. FOR THE FULL LIST OF OUR PARTNERS CLICK HERE.

* Please note that in India, we still operate under the name SPW India Project Trust. We have applied for our name change with the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.

We are the Youth Collective. If you believe in the power of young people, join our movement.