Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

Making periods Normal

We ensure young women have access to support and have knowledge about menstruation hygiene, breaking the stigma around sexual and reproductive health and rights for young women. We include young men, community members and elders in our trainings to have more impact. We have reached more than 100,000 young girls directly through this programme, and a total of 40 educators have been trained on Sexual and Reproductive health and rights. The project takes place in the districts of Bihar (Bhagalpur and Munger).
Watch this video to see how young men are helping smash the stigma around periods. Supporting other girls and fighting for gender equality. 

Making Periods Normal Programme India

Integrated response to reduce child marriages in India

We are working in collaboration with 50 organisations to reduce child marriage rates in 3 of the most vulnerable states in India. Restless Development is working in the state of Bihar where we address gender discrimination and child marriages by openly discussing these culturally sensitive issues. Educating young girls about their rights and equips them with the skills to stay in education or employment. We engage parents, family members, community members and panchayat members to end child marriage.
In 2015, through our #KnotSoYoung campaign we reached more than 180,000 young people in urban and rural communities.

Child Marriage Workshop India
Making girls leaders

Making girls leaders seeks to empower young girls living in urban slums to gain confidence and become financially independent. The programme seeks to reach out-of-school girls in Delhi. Although the girls are located in the cities, the circumstances in urban slums are very challenging.
We have developed peer educators; a group of young boys and girls in each community to address the needs of girls and support them to in their studies, apply for college scholarships, and gain confidence to earn a living.

Girl India


A youth council of 25 members from Bihar and Tamil Nadu will be shaped as a democratic council. The council will be youth-led and a joining force to advocate for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in their communities with a special focus on Child Marriages.
To advocate for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) of young people, it is important they are involved throughout the process and take leadership. Youth Council will be trained on various SRHR issues and will become pioneers in advocating for change in their communities.

Restless Development starts at the community level and ensures that the voices of the young people from remote corners of India are heard at national and international levels. Creating the space for young people to be more involved in the issues that matter to them and their communities in turn allows young people to achieve.


Disha Project: Training young women on employable skills

This project trains young women in the urban slums of Delhi, on life and employment skills. 25 young women, named skill sakhi’s, are being intensively trained on addressing gender inequality, life skills, peer education and women rights. These young women will train a further 5,000 other girls in their communities. They will conduct surveys with young girls and women to understand their aspirations and the problems faced in their communities and at home. Restless Development will mobilise 1,000 young girls for ‘Individual Youth Career Development Plans’, where they will be linked to skill training centres in Delhi and provided with on-job support by our Skill Sakhi’s.

Young women in India

Plan-It Girls: Enhancing livelihood of vulnerable girls

Plan-It Girls is an innovative, sustainable, and globally relevant education-based solution. It supports vulnerable adolescent girls with education and economic independence as they transition to adulthood. Plan-It Girls works closely with schools, industry, communities and most importantly, the girls themselves. By giving them access to the skills, resources and connections they need to aspire for a better life and plan for their future. A personal advancement curriculum is tailored for girls attending upper secondary school, working with principals and teachers, business leaders, parents, and boys and young men to create an environment that supports girls and their aspirations.


International Citizen Service

As part of this programme we host international volunteers from the United Kingdom for a period of 3 months. These volunteers work within communities and closely with our local youth volunteers in different districts of Tamil Nadu. This programme is led by our volunteers by, living within the communities and working through Youth Resource Centres (a free space for young people), to provide employable skill and awareness trainings on water and sanitation, climate change, gender inequalities and sexual and reproductive health and rights to the communities. The programme is currently running in the districts of Tamil Nadu (Kanchipuram, Tiruvallur and Vellore).

International Citizen Service India

Knowing about the Global Goals (SDGs) is the first step in making them a success!

Youth Adda is a space where young people learn about the Global Goals and its impact on our lives. This is an open space where young people discuss solutions to make the global goals a reality by 2030. Restless Development in partnership with UNV, Parvah and Community-the youth collective have been conducting the Youth Adda, focussed on specific goal once in every quarter.

Collectively we will make our leaders accountable for the promises they have committed. We challenge individuals to use their Youth Power and spread awareness on the Global Goals with their peers, schools/colleges and community by planning local action. Through Restless Development’s campaign #RestlessSDGHero, we will ensure their actions and voices are heard at a global level.

We are the Youth Collective. If you believe in the power of young people, join our movement.