India - Our Impact

Our Impact in 2013*

South India
  • 71% of youth know how women get pregnant against the baseline of 52%.
  • Percentage of young people who never clarified their sexual reproductive health query with anyone decreased from19% to 5% and the most popular avenues being social workers (47%), doctors (30%) and teachers (23%).
  • Attitude of girls towards denial of higher education has changed significantly with 78% of girls wanting to study further against the baseline of 48%.
  • Awareness about sexually transmitted infections increased to 74% from 65%.
  • Number of people who had heard about HIV and AIDS increased to 95% from 90%.
North India
  • There has been a significant increase from 4% to 58% among girls who could report menstruation as a sign of puberty.
  • 80% of young people involved in our intervention could identify problems experienced by girls during menstruation.
  • 92% of girls who used cloth during the menstruation said that they dried their used cloth in sunlight.
  • Awareness about sexually transmitted infections increased to 78% from 58%.

I always thought that girls were cursed that is why they menstruate. After attending this programme my mind set has changed. Now I treat women with more respect and dignity and I also understood during the time of menstrual bleeding they need rest and space for drying their menstrual cloth. I also learnt that they should get nutritious food

– Rajiv (Out of School Youth) Deoghar District, Jharkhand


* Please note that the impact details are based on the evaluation (Nationale Postcode Loterij End Line Evaluation and SRHR Alliance Mid-Term Evaluation) done in our intervention areas only.


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