In Memoriam

Restless Development mourns the loss of longtime Board member and friend, The Hon. Joseph H. Melrose, Jr., in November 2014. Ambassador Melrose had served on the Board of Directors of Restless Development USA since 2004, providing expertise, guidance and a strong belief in youth-led, locally-driven development. He was Ambassador-in-Residence and Professor of International Relations at Ursinus College in Pennsylvania, and previously, Acting U.S. Representative for Management and Reform at the United States Mission to the United Nations, and US Ambassador to Sierra Leone.

Preferring to simply be called Joe, despite impressive credentials, he was incredibly dedicated to Restless Development, as he was to his students at Ursinus and the Model UN. It is clear how much he believed in young people and how much he personally invested in developing the next generation of leaders. Joe constantly went above and beyond to mentor, foster connections and inspire students, and to be a champion for youth-led development. Joe recruited Ursinus students to volunteer with Restless Development (then called SPW), and also to join our Board, as we are committed to having young people serve as equal Directors. He had a talent for connecting people in mutually helpful ways, which he did restlessly.

Restless Development has lost one of its most constant friends. Joe supported us since the earliest days of our efforts in the United States, and he was an always faithful advisor, guide and inspiration. His knowledge of and love for Africa, his broad understanding of development and his belief in young people, gave him a perspective that was particularly valuable. We and the people whose lives Restless Development touches are fortunate that this wise and distinguished man, whose time was so much in demand, gave so much of it to us.

Peter Drummond-Hay, Chair of the Board of Directors, Restless Development USA

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