In 2012 Restless Development recognised that a programme needed to be devised to improve financial and social skills within the youth across Nepal. HAMSA, which in its full form translates as 'our concern; our participation' was devised at the solution to this.

HAMSA is composed of three parts, the first part which is the collection of post 2015 development agendas.  

And the second and third which go hand in hand as a packages that will be delivered to youths and adults.

For the youths there are 2 separate manuals with one targeting the 10-14 year old age group and another targeting the 15-19 year old age group. Social and financial topics will be addressed across fifteen modules encompassing 53 sessions. This will cover some of the following social issues: civic participation, gender issues, social inclusion, food and nutrition, first aid, sexual and reproductive health and gender based violence amongst others. The manual also looks at making young people in Nepal more financially literate.

There is also the opportunity of micro-enterprise development training (MEDT) depending on how participants perform in a livelihood module.

We also saw it necessary and beneficial to produce an adult package to best guide parents, teachers and religious leaders to create an enabling environment for the adolescent package mentioned above. The manual is to be delivered at a district level by a curriculum development team that the programme titles 'master trainers'.

The pilot is set to run in February 2014 with the aim of it running at a district level in April/May 2014 running to December 2014.