This programme is delivered in partnership with Unicef, and aims at motivating girls to stay in school.

The programme is laid out through three main objectives. Firstly, to support girls in formal education by retaining their attendance between grade six and ten. Hopefully this will help in the second objective of increasing the secondary school enrollment.

The final aim of the programme - and perhaps one of the most challenging - is the work that will be carried out with parents and community stakeholders to raise awareness and produce an enabling environment for the other aims.

The programme looks to achieve these objectives through a number of local level sessions that include sport, homework, communication and cultural activities and will take place in schools and clubs.

This programme will reach some 14,170 girls across 84 schools in 4 districts of far-Midwestern region of the country, providing regular engagement with the girls through peer–led sessions. Added to this partner NGO's will receive capacity building in another two districts.

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