Our Dynamic Accountability Principles

Dynamic Accountability is our approach to being an accountable agency and transparently working with and learning from young people and partners in order to increase our impact.

These are our principles behind Dynamic Accountability:

1. Radical Transparency

 Turning our agency inside out through openness and sharing, we are going beyond standard compliance-level transparency. Radically, we are transparent not just with our results (finances, programme reports and evaluations) but also with our ‘internal’ processes (from our policies and salaries to strategic thinking and board reports to manuals and information about our approach. With this radical approach, we are going above and beyond compliance to be compelling and proud of the information we choose to share with the world.

2. Two Way Exchange

We know that true transparency requires a two-way exchange of information and influence. Traditional transparency risks being a one-way flow of information especially if that information languishes on a website or in a database unseen by those who might use it. We believe that true accountability is an interaction between the agency and its stakeholders. Only when we open up a two-way flow and discourse can our openness and transparency bring in more voices into the leadership, governance and management of our agency, and ultimately make our work better.

3. Linking Learning & Performance

These efforts will only bear fruit if they increase the impact of our work. Therefore, it is essential that we link the voice, information and influence gained through our dynamic accountability approach to our organisational learning and performance systems. In doing so, we intentionally design for dynamic accountability to improve our performance for young people over time.

4. Strategic Alignment

Dynamic accountability reflects our Restless Model in practice, bringing more voices, experience and expertise into the process of informing, influencing and helping our agency to deliver transformative change. Youth-led accountability is a key part of our work; supporting young people to hold their local, national and global leaders to account on their commitments. Holding ourselves to the same standards we demand of others is essential for our accountability and credibility as an agency. In doing so, we are unleashing the power of young people to lead change not just externally but within Restless Development as well.

5. Youth Leadership

We know that if we unleash the power of young people to change our world, every generation will benefit. We listen to young people, our work is led by young people, and together we help young people make lasting change in their communities and countries. Dynamic accountability is no different, and we believe our impact will be greater because young people have a role in leading, partnering and holding our agency to account.

6. Values

Our values drive us and are at the core of our work and our work. In our values we commit to

  • Being brave, innovating and embodying the young people we serve (Heart);
  • Proving the case for youth-led change and continually improving our impact (Head)
  • Generating leaders by treating and supporting our people as leaders while being proud of where we carry a banner for new ways of leading development (Voice)
  • Listening, learning, and bringing in more voices to develop solutions together (Hands).

Our values are at the heart of Dynamic Accountability.

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