Dynamic Accounability

Dynamic Accountability is our approach to being an accountable agency and transparently working with and learning from young people and partners in order to increase our impact.


July 2014. Bond Transparency Review: We took part in a voluntary review of our online transparency where we ranked 21st out of 49 organisations, and 2nd out of the 4 organisations of a similar size. 

August 2014. Transparency Working Group Formed: Following the review, we formed a working group to work on the recommendations. This included creating an Open Information Policy, updating our programme information online and defining what transparency meant for us.

January 2015. Youth Strategy Team Formed: As part of the development of our new global strategy, a Youth Strategy Team, of young leaders from around the world, was formed who led the consultation phase and analysis of the information collected from young people, volunteers, staff and partner. They published their findings in a report online, titled The Way to a New Strategy.

February 2015. The Big Conversation: The Big Conversation was a global conversation on how young people can take a leading role in tackling the most important issues in the world, and it shaped the global strategy we have today. Led by the Youth Strategy Team, it brought in thousands of voices from across the world, with all of the data and analysis published online in accessible and editable formats.

October 2015. Directors Conference Live: We opened up our annual Directors Conference (where all of our Directors meet for two weeks to learn, connect and plan for the coming year) with our Directors interacting and engaging online with our staff, volunteers and partners throughout the two weeks.

December 2015. Published First Trustee Board Report Online: Publishing our trustee board reports online recognised the support we had for this initiative at all levels of the agency, and it pushed us to be even more open with the information we share.

August 2016. We Are Restless Blog Relaunched. We relaunched our blog, We Are Restless, with a new 'Write for Us' section to make it even easier for young people around the world to contribute posts and share ideas. 

December 2016. Directors Conference Live 2.0: Following our first attempt at live tweeting our Directors Conference we went even further in 2016. From daily videos to Facebook Live panel interviews, we opened up a conversation on our work, how we make decisions and why.

February 2017. Winner of Bond Transparency Award: We were recognised at the Bond International Development Awards for our radical approach to transparency, with the standout reason for the award our emphasis on building trust through a two way exchange of information focused on learning, performance on impact: Dynamic Accountability.

April - September 2017. Youth Power Partners Pilot Study: We worked with Accountable Now and CPC Analytics to run a pilot study testing people-powered decision making. We ran in-depth interviews and online surveys to collect feedback from our partners, which helped shape the support we offer as the Youth power campaign convener. Read the pilot study findings here.

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