Commitments to youth leadership

At last year's United Nations Summit, world leaders signed up to achieve the Global Goals - a set of 17 promises to end poverty, inequality, and catastrophic climate change. It's the biggest attempt in history to improve the lives of people globally and to protect our planet. 

But if we're going to achieve all this, every day counts. That's where young people come in. They are ready and able to make sure the promises made in the Global Goals become reality, starting now.

Young people must be supported to play a lead role in the implementation, monitoring and accountability of these Goals. This is a commitment that was called for at last year's United Nations Summit by Restless Development, together with The Permanent Missions of Denmark, Rwanda and Sri Lanka; the UK Government; the Office of the UN Secretary General's Envoy on Youth, and the United Nations Development Programme.

The Youth Power campaign is driving this forward, supporting the collective power of young people and working with governments and local leaders to ensure the Global Goals are achieved.

Youth Power Commitments 

Ahead of the High-Level Political Forum in July - a conference at which leaders will review their plans to implement the Global Goals - through its Youth Power campaign, Restless Development is calling for strong commitments to put young people at the heart of implementing and monitoring the Global Goals.

Who can commit?

We are encouraging governments, development agencies, foundations, civil society organisations, and other development organisations to make commitments to help ensure young people can take a lead role in the implementation, monitoring and accountability of the Global Goals.

How can you commit?

Commitments can be:

  • Policy-based - creating an enabling environment for youth and youth organisations to implement and monitor the Global Goals
  • Service or delivery-based - achieving better outcomes for young people and ensuring no-one is left behind
  • Financial or human-based - mobilising resources for youth leadership, building capacity to help achieve the SDGs

Commitments should be:

  • As ambitious as possible
  • Be tangible with clear descriptions
  • Involve young people and/or youth organisations in their design and/or deliver, if applicable
  • Be measurable (where possible)

How to commit

If you would like to share a commitment, please email as we would love to discuss this with you.

We are the Youth Collective. If you believe in the power of young people, join our movement.