Climate Change

Climate change is not only the greatest threat facing our planet, but is intrinsically connected to other global crises such as poverty and inequality: it's devestating effects are, and will, hit the world's most vulnerable hardest. 

And the time to act is now: scientists have warned that if greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise, we will soon pass the threshold beyond which global warming becomes catastrophic and irreversible. 

History was made in December 2015 when The Paris Agreement - the first legally binding treaty on climate change- was internationally adopted. This is a huge step, but it's down to all of us to make sure climate justice isn't just promised on paper, but becomes reality. 

so, What are we doing about it?

Today’s young people are the first generation to feel the impacts of climate change and the last able to mitigate the worst of its effects. They should be at the centre of the response: at a local, national and global level. And with the Paris Agreement's ambitious target of keeping global temperature rises below 1.5C, the UK, the EU’s largest emitter of greenhouse gases, cannot wait till 2020 to act.

Tackling climate change needs urgent action. But not only by national governments. From individuals, to communities, local authorities and institutions, we all need to start doing things differently to protect our planet and the people on it. 

That's why we've recruited and trained 30 youth activists from across the country to lead our brand new campaign for climate justice. They've identified three key areas within climate change - FOOD, ENERGY & NATURE -  and will be mobilising locally in their communities to raise awareness and target local decision makers to deliver a more ambitious environmental agenda. 

Stay tuned for more updates coming soon.


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