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In a world of infinite choice, it's easy to take for granted the very thing that many young girls lack. Choice itself.

At Restless Development, we choose to believe in the power of young people. We choose to see girls like Eloy as a powerful force for change, not a victim. And we choose to believe that ending poverty is possible if we listen, engage and invest in young people to change their own lives and the lives of others around them.

girls like eloy need choice.

Image of Eloy in front of window

Orphaned at just six years old, Eloy had no choice but to leave the home she loved to live with her elderly grandmother in a rural village in Tanzania. Eloy’s education was a luxury her grandmother could simply not afford and she had to spend her days helping her grandmother earn enough money to survive on.

Growing up as a teenager in rural Tanzania offers little choice for girls like Eloy. 40% of girls are pregnant or have given birth by the time they’re 18. And girls between the ages of 15 - 24 account for three out of every four young people with HIV in Tanzania.


Eloy chose to defy these statistics and joined a Restless Development girls group. She became a leader of her own future through the training and advice offered by our local volunteers, within a safe space provided by Restless Development for the girls group. Eloy chose to learn about how to earn a living and started a small cooking business - with which she now supports herself and her grandmother.

Eloy chose to help others. Today, she is the leader of the girls group and is helping other young girls understand the choices that are theirs to make. Today, you can choose to support more young girls like Eloy.


 Restless Development works entirely with young people like Eloy - giving them the power to lead their own development, and that of their communities and countries. We train, we mentor, we provide a safe space for girls like Eloy to come together with other girls just like them, to learn new skills, to access the materials and finance they need to start small businesses, to understand and begin to take the choices that are theirs to make.

If you’d like to talk to us more about your choice to support Restless Development, please call our office on 0207 633 3350 and ask to speak to Holly. Or email us on

The choice is yours - and that’s a very powerful thing


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