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ICS does not stop when the volunteering placement ends: every ICS volunteer from the UK and from developing countries carries out an Action at Home project as a part of the final 6-month phase of the ICS programme. When volunteers complete thier placement, they will be part of a network of thousands of people supporting the values of youth-led development, and taking action to influence and bring positive change.

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What is Action at Home?

Action at Home is the final part of the ICS programme and is a six month window of opportunity which starts when you finish your placement overseas. Action at Home is a self-directed project that aims to bring about positive social change – it might involve campaigning and lobbying, awareness-raising around issues that emerged from the overseas placement, or around an issue that is important in the volunteer’s home community. 

Through Action at Home, you will have the opportunity to get involved with a wide variety of exciting and impactful actions.


toolkit logoBy taking action in the UK, you can ensure a long-term impact on these issues at both a local and a global level, and continue to prove that young people can. It marks the beginning of a life of active citizenship. Active citizenship is the active engagement of people in their own societies, in pursuit of social benefits beyond family and friends. Such engagement builds stronger societies that play an active role in community and national development.

By August 2016 ICS will create a global community of more than 14,000 active citizens – a lasting legacy of young people contributing positively to their communities and to fighting poverty. Action at Home is also a fantastic opportunity to build your own skills and experience.


Options a@hAn ‘action’ can be literally anything as long as it is voluntary and is based in the UK. You could get involved with Restless Development in the UK, take action with another organisation, share your story or come up with your own idea on how to have an impact on the issues you are passionate about.

From campaigning to writing a blog, meeting their MP to doing talks in their local schools, our ICS volunteers have the opportunity and are supported to get involved in an incredible range of exciting Action At Home projects.


Action at home training
  • An Action at Home Training Weekend.
  • Dedicated workshops, training days and event opportunities.
  • Your own online Action at Home page.
  • An action e-newsletter.
  • A Facebook group for volunteers to share and hear about opportunities.
  • Comprehensive support from the Restless Development Networks Team.

For more info on Action at Home please contact your relavent Network Support Officer:

For Nepal, Tanzania, Uganda or Zimbabwe contact

For India, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Zambia contact

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